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October 01, 2008


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I like how you categorized drug films into three subgroups. However I think your last, the "addiction" film may be the wrong description of certain films, such as Requiem for a Dream. To me that film was educational. In my opinion the D.A.R.E. program in this country should be thrown out and replaced by this movie. It is a blatant and disturbing view of what drugs can and will do to people if abused. It does a brilliant job of relating the audience with each principle character and makes us feel for the characters. Once we care about the relationships formed Aranofsky begins the film's descent. By the end, every person is ruined. The final ten minutes are some of the most shocking and intense scenes I have ever seen in a film. Truly a masterpiece.

Educational is definitely the wrong word for Requiem. If the film is to be labeled with reference to the people watching AT ALL, it would be labeled "Warning". "Educational" would be Easy Rider

I actually agree with both of these comments. Your last category of drug films the "addiction stories" serve as both educational and a warning. Somewhat of an educational warning if you will. I must admit I've never seen any of them, but if they are as graphic as you make them seem, I think they definitely have the ability to act as somewhat of a deterrent for drugs. If they are what you say they are they should have the effect of both educating people about what the consequences of drug abuse are as well as warn people not use them. I would also like to commend you on your summaries of the films as I said, I've never seen them before but I definitely want to at least check out Requiem For A Dream. And I'd also like touch on your comment about Marlon Waynes being good in his role. I'm not a film expert, but I have to admit from my experience comedic actors usually do very well in serious roles, and are some of the best actors ever : Robin Williams is great in great in a serious role, Jamie Foxx was amazing in Ray ( which I have to admit surprised me too, and I think Jim Carey has played a few good serious roles as well. So don't knock the comedians, they are actors too.

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