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November 27, 2008


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"And what happened to the intelligent, butt-kicking black action heroes I can only see in "Soul Cinema" DVD collections?"

There's still Samuel L. Jackson, kicking butt for equality.

By the way, have you ever read the comic/graphic-novel series "Y: The Last Man"? One of the lead characters is a black female gov't agent. They're working on a movie based on the series now. There's still hope. :)

R.I.P Dolemite. and Samuel L. jackson isn't kicking butt for equality, he's kicking butt to be on the Guiness world record list of most idiotic movies to have starred in.

He'll have to work pretty hard to beat Christopher Lee and Michael Caine for that record. They've been around longer.

I agree that he's been in a lot of awful movies, but not all of his movies have been bad. It's just that he's a popular enough actor that he can afford to be in a lot of awful movies in between the good ones without hurting his reputation much.

Like the Governator. Before he got into politics, he could afford to do a movie like Jingle All the Way in between Terminator movies without hurting his image.

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