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November 14, 2009


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Hi Diana,

I love the look and sound of your 16mm non-story film "Panic". Do you have DVD copies available? If so, in return I would be happy to send you a DVD of my 8-minute 16mm abstract film "Palms, a neighborhood". It is a purely cinematic non-story non-character sound-visual impression that took me almost 3 years to shoot, edit, and sound design.

I love Stan Brakhage and I feel exactly the same way about cinema. My favorite kind of cinema is abstract non-narrative visual film. I love Pure Cinema, non-story non-acted films that use the unique autonomous techniques of the cinematic art to create emotions, moods, sensations, and feelings.

Feel free to check out my new Pure Cinema Lecture on my facebook profile. I would like to hear what you think!


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