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December 06, 2009


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In a world where prozac prescriptions and anxiety attacks are increasingly common, it is said that dysfunctional is the new normal. It is my belief that we strive to attain our own ideas of perfection because we strive to avoid the stresses of conflict with ourselves and with one another. But because we all have differences, dysfunctional was always normal. It is the essence of the human condition in society. Perfection is but a foreign concept to us and as such, we are unable to relate.

I feel like I am lowering the intellectualism of this article, but its subject matter reminded me of Mike Judge's King of the Hill. Finding its humor in the mundane, it almost always took a realistic approach in conveying the condition of a regular, Texas middle- class family and the people around them. Judge was able to depict the personalities and idiosyncrasies of characters so well that it achieved in making me feel uneasy about my own experiences with people that I knew.

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