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September 06, 2011


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That was a superb little analysis. I particularly appreciated the connection to Borges, something I've long thought as well. I'd be fascinated to read more of your dissection of the film.

Excellent. This is one of the few academic papers on Eyes Wide Shut that acknowledges that there is a mystical aspect to this movie. I have nothing genius to say but I would like to contrast the mysticism of this movie with David Lynch and Roman Polanski, whereas those film makers movies seem to beckon their audience to get lost in the dream and in the blurring of taboo and magic, Eyes Wide Shut seems to want to stand back from the dream and analyze it rationally. Yet it also seems to acknowledge the impossibility of achieving that rationality, which explains in my opinion the title of the movie Eyes Wide Shut. The last line where Alice tells Bill that they should "fuck" seems almost as if Kubrick is saying sexual fantasy is a way to defer the mystery further, which given the frustrations, and dangers Bill faces seem almost necessary. In a way that is the opposite philosophy of surrealists like Lynch and Polanski where sexuality is the key to the mystery.

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