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November 10, 2012


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If I'm reading this correctly, you have two major problems with Moffat's Who. One being the direction the character of the Doctor has taken and the other Moffat's structural approach to building episodes and seasons.

The first criticism seems to be based on the assertion that the Doctor is always supposed to be the same as he's been before. The problem with having it be that way however, is that it makes the character static and gives him no room for growth or movement and a series where the primary character doesn't undergo significant development is not a good one. I believe and I think Moffat does too, that an evolving and changing Doctor is a good one as long as it's a Doctor that stays true to its origin. A little bit of deviation from the average and then returning to it is for the character and makes things a little less predictable in episodes.

As for issues with plotting, Davies is probably the more egregious offender here. The number of Deus Ex Machina moments he's pulled out in season finales is ridiculous, most of his seasons lacked consisted arcs throughout and his standalone episodes were some of the worst. Moffat's brought serialization and wrote quite possibly the best single episode of New Who - Blink. They both have their shortcomings, but Davies' list is far longer than Moffat's.

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