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January 28, 2013


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My favorite movie of all time. This is very well written and I very much agree about the music in the film. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad to see other people's perspective on this film.

This film is one of my favorites, too, not to mention the soundtrack. Reading this comparison was informative and engaging - thank you for sharing.

Great review, thank you. I love the connection to Cool Hand Luke.

this was good information

Siren's aren't bird-women. They're more like a vicious version of mermaids. The bird-women you refer to are harpies and were old crones. Siren's lure sailors to death with their beauty and songs.

According to wikipedia:

Sirens were believed to combine women and birds in various ways.

So what other films are the Odyssey retold?

Roy=King, Hobbs=to limp (Ulysses is from the Greek "limps from leg wound"), Harriet Bird=harpy Iris=Penelope Gus the one-eyed bookie=Polythemus the cyclops, etc etc

It is said that there are only two stories- going out in search of adventure of some variety, then making it back home.

The core lesson is in all versions. Sorry if Harriet Bird has no beak, Michaela.

That is the monomyth of Joseph Campbell. That is the Hero's Journey.

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