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October 27, 2019


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I just started this show and I love kdramas. The women with leading roles are usually submissive and quiet, they hardly stand up themselves but rather bow and politely scurry away. It’s refreshing to see a stronger female lead!
Love this show so far.

My wife of 27 years is Korean but oddly we just started watching kdramas. Our first was Crash Landing on You and we suspect it will be our fave as we work down the list (we avoid tv MA). Camellia is our second foray and while some of the acting and melodrama is cheesy we eagerly anticipate each new episode. The lead actress is amazing. In fact, our observation is that the female leads are far more convincing than their male counterparts. Just an opinion of course. Anyway, Netflix has more to offer so we'll see how goes...

I liked this drama, thank you for a fair and insightful review. It's sad that injustice that 55 percent-minority had to endure has been diluted as simply a "gender issue" now. Nothing against other genders, but I feel that our chance has gone by when there was a glimpse of hope in year 2020. I have come to enjoy kdramas more and more over the years, because they are written by women writers (I haven't heard of any male writers) and they make efforts that are fair to audience.

I think the portrayal of the dynamics between females and males, especially for married couples is fair and common in Korea.

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